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Non-Profit Groups

December 9, 2009

Wilbooks is excited to announce that we have developed an exciting new way to help non-profit groups. Wilbooks will offer special collections of books for sale with all of the proceeds going to help non- profit groups. Check out for details.



December 5, 2009

Wilbooks has just received a new manuscript from Jeff Andruss.  It’s a second grade book about unusual foods.  It’s a good bet that your students will love Jeff’s books.  Wilbooks will keep you informed when we publish Jeff’s latest books.

Barbara Lee Gottlieb

December 1, 2009

Barbara Lee Gottlieb is continuing to write new books for Wilbooks. Barbara Lee Gottlieb’s books have been eagerly anticipated by all of us for months. Please go to and order books from Barb. Your students will be happy you did!

Book Fairs

November 28, 2009

Wilbooks does not do book fairs at this time. We have had several people ask us about doing book fairs.  Please let your book fair operator know that we will make our books available for your event.  Have them contact our wholesale division.

National Reading Day

November 23, 2009

Wilbooks is excited to be getting ready for National reading Day on Jan 22, 2010.  National Reading Day is going to be celebrated in many more schools this year than we thought.  It’s an honor to help young readers celebrate National Reading Day.  National Reading Day activities all across the country will include Wilbooks books.  Please go to to obtain free books to help your young readers celebrate National Reading Day.

National Reading Day

November 19, 2009

National Reading Day will be celebrated on Jan 22, 2010.  Wilbooks is going to really get involved in this celebration of reading!  National Reading Day is a great time to get young readers excited about their favorite authors and books.  Wilbooks is going to donate hundreds of thousands of free books to schools and literacy groups so they can be part of National Reading Day.  Let us know what your young readers are going to do to celebrate reading on National Reading Day, January 22, 2010.

National Reading Day

November 12, 2009

 Wilbooks is gearing up to help young readers all over the country celebrate National Reading Day.  I’m betting it’s going to be bigger than last year!

New Video Style

November 10, 2009

 Wilbooks is creating a new style video in which we ask a question and then answer the question using photographs and narration.  Only time will tell how well this new style video helps younger students develop more background knowledge.

Research Trip

November 6, 2009

 Several of us are going to Cape May, NJ for a 2 day research trip.  We know we need photographs of old houses, fishing scenes, and a ferry.  Cape May has all three of those things and a lot more.  Look for our work from this trip to show up in books we print next year.

A Cool Blog

November 3, 2009

Barbara Lee Gottlieb, one of our authors, has created a really cool blog here on wordpress. Check it out!